Fertility Coaching

I help women and men boost their fertility and go through a happy and healthy pregnancy. Thanks to my personal experience I can support couples who need to go through IVF procedures by helping them to implement some key changes in their daily life.

Duration and cost of each program will be discussed case by case, since we need to take into account the specific condition and needs of each client.

Prenatal Coaching

I help women find their own unique way to experience pregnancy and go back to following their instinct, by nourishing their body and spirit in the right way. It does not have to be a burden! Pregnancy can really be the best journey of your life if you live it with the right mindset and self-care.

Postnatal Coaching

I support mothers willing to raise their children with a natural approach, learn the importance of breast-feeding, co-sleeping and adopting a more natural diet for the whole family.  

One free consultation of the duration of 1 hour is available for all those who want to explore the opportunity to have a coach supporting them in the pursuit of their health goals.

If you do not give it a try you will never know if it is good for you!

Coaching is available in English, Italian, Spanish.