About me


When I was 27 I had to undergo a laparoscopy to presumably remove a lump on one of my ovaries. When they had a look inside they found that I had a serious infection which had badly affected one of my Fallopian tubes; they had to remove it and they found that the other tube did not need to be removed but was obstructed. As a result they told me that I would not be able to get pregnant naturally. I was shocked and depressed for some time, I had just started to live together with my boyfriend and all of a sudden we were facing an issue which you are not supposed to deal with at the beginning of a relationship.

With time and a lot of support from my boyfriend I started to accept the truth and after few years we went through the first IVF which did not work and made me feel like such a failure and a useless woman that I could not think of doing it again. Over more than a decade we made several attempts, had to deal with the failure plus few unexpected miscarriages (I got pregnant naturally 3 times!).

In 2009, after 11 years together we got married and went on holiday to Brazil where we met a guy who started to talk about raw food, toxins, cleansing the body. He suggested us to eat only raw food for 1 week and so we did. The week turned into months, and that marked the beginning of a new revealing journey which totally changed our life. We started to read books on raw and healthy food, to experiment with different produces, different recipes (both me and my husband are Italian, thus cooking is a big thing in our tradition) and never stopped.

After few months my health issues had disappeared (no more PMS, no more painful periods, no more gut inflammation, no more migraines) and I was feeling so full of energy and positive thinking that I proposed to my husband to try one last time to get pregnant. I was 38 and my biological clock was ticking faster and faster every day.

We went to a clinic in our city and started with the procedure once again but this time I experienced no stress, no pain, no mood swings, I felt just great and something inside me told me this was going to be it, this time we would become parents. The doctors were impressed by the quality of our embryos, 10 times better than 10 years before. I had explained to my doctor my lifestyle and my diet (no processed food, no animal proteins) and at the end of the procedure, when they confirmed I was definitely pregnant he had to admit that the diet might have played a key role in the result. (I know the mindset did as well!)

After 9 months of a wonderful pregnancy (I am an athlete and, oddly enough, during my pregnancy I felt I was in the best shape ever!) my daughter Kiara was born. I breast fed her for more than 2 years, did co-sleeping, fed her with vegan food and now she is a 6 year old kid, full of energy, never sick and with such as self-esteem that sometimes seems too much!

During these 8 years I have read tons of literature on health, experimented with different foods, detox programs, fasting, and learned a lot about my body and the best way to nourish it. I realized I was so passionate about health that I decided to got back to study, this time holistic nutrition. I graduated at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and ever since I have been working on my dream: “helping couples to overcome their fertility issues and begin a wonderful journey toward parenthood.”

My wish is to help others avoid all the suffering that comes with fertility issues. I had to deal with them myself and I know very well the emotional turmoil and the best way to convert these issues into an opportunity.

If you want to learn more about the ways I can help you, please feel free to contact me here or via email (annalisa@annalisaricco.com). We can have a 1 hour free consultation to determine whether and how I can support you.