What is the best water for my health?

Last weekend was very rainy, something pretty unusual here in Valencia. So, I took the inspiration and decided to write this article.

There are so many types of water out there these days, so much contradictory information that I feel sometimes lost. As main reference and source of information I used an article written by an Italian expert in Health Science, Valdo Vaccaro , a man who has been studying, experiencing and sharing his knowledge for 30 years, someone I trust because he was a great support during my pregnancy and helped me make it the period of best shape and happiness of my life.

We all know how important water is for our health, dehydration is in fact one of the main causes of ailment. Headache, constipation, skin problems are only few of the consequences of dehydration. We eat processed and dry salty food and these require a lot of water. However, on a plant-based diet with lots of fruit and vegetable, you won’t need to drink much water, because you are getting it already through the food. I actually ate raw vegan for some time and I had the best skin and energy despite drinking only a glass of water a day! That’s because the biological water of fruit and vegetables in good quantities provide the best hydration. This water is 100% distilled by the plant and mixed with sweet and rich juices produced by the plant itself. No doubt it is our ideal water!

Eating raw vegan and living in this society is not that simple though, hence we need to get hydration from water. This is where all the troubles start. Which one should we pick?

In normal circumstances it would be an easy answer: “just water” … but, we humans, are strange creatures who like to complicate things and now we have so many types of water that we get confused (I do get confused!) about which one is the best choice: light water, oligomineral water, natural sparkling water, mineralized water with addition of carbonic acid, reverse osmosis purified water, naturally distilled water like rain water, snow, hail and ice water, bottled water etc. The list is long and I am sure new types of water are about to come!

That’s why I feel the need to recap on the subject and get some more clarity.


Free from dissolved salts and gas, impurity, solid, mineral and chemical components and with a 7.00 pH. The pH level indicates the acidity or basicity of some substance on a scale from 0 to 14. The smaller the number the higher the acidity. 7 means a neutral substance. Some may say that distilled water is poor because it was deprived of its minerals, but that is exactly what makes it the right water to remove  the bad minerals from your body, those associated with cholesterol, stones, calcifications, for example. It is not easy to buy apt-to-drink distilled water, but it is very easy to make your own by simply collecting and filtering the rain.

So, drinking distilled water may be a good idea if you are doing a detox and want to get rid of toxins and bad minerals. It is not recommended to use it as regular water.


This is natural water, rich in inorganic minerals which cannot be absorbed by our body and end up deposited inside of us, feeding the existent gallstones and cholesterol plaques.

So, when you get a chance to drink natural spring water, do it but remember that if you abuse of it, it will not benefit your health.


There are several water brands on the market defined “low mineral”. They usually have fixed residue below 50mg/L and are thus rapidly absorbed and may help to remove gallstones, uric acid and metabolic waste products.

The problem with these waters is that most of them are available in plastic bottles. A recent study showed that 90% of bottled water brands contain micro plastics, the most common type being polypropylene, the same type of plastic used to make bottle caps. One brand showed to have 10.000 plastic pieces per liter, yes, that is right TEN THOUSAND!!

So, if you need to buy bottled water, make sure to find a brand that has it in glass bottles. It will probably cost more but your body will eventually show gratitude! 😉


There is no rule here since the quality of tap water depends very much on the type of water main. If you live in a small town up in the mountains you probably won’t have any problem drinking tap water. If you live in a big city, that’s another story; the pollution and the massive use of chlorine to “purify” the water make tap water not the best choice. When chlorine is mixed with organic produce and heated (we all cook with tap water, don’t we?) it turns into dioxide, a highly toxic poison.

On the other hand, if you store tap water in a glass bottle in the fridge for at least 3 hours, the chloride concentration will decrease.

There are many filtering systems available for tap water. Which one to use depends on the type of water available in your area. I personally use the Espring system and I am pretty happy with it.


Alkaline water has a higher pH than any other potable water. It is the result of a chemical process called electrolysis, where the pH is increased thanks to the use of a ionizer which is supposed to remove the most acid molecules and keep only the alkaline ones. This does not imply a purifying or filtering process, meaning that the contaminants would still be there unless use a purified water from the very beginning.

This water is said to have great benefits for human health thanks to its alkalinity.

Does alkaline water really work?

Studies showed that alkaline water contributes to:

  • normalize glucose levels
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Dissolve kidney stones
  • Normalize cholesterol
  • Help loose extra fat
  • Reduce water retention
  • Reduce PMS and menopause symptoms
  • Help against aging
  • Clean the colon
  • Support the immune system
  • Improve hydration
  • Help detox
  • Improve skin health

Make sure not to use this water as a regular water, but as a tool to detox during certain periods of time. The reduced acidity can cause digestive problems on the long term.


This is certainly the ideal system, since it removes all impurities and leaves us with a clean and highly purified water.

This system is becoming more and more popular and the good thing is once you have it installed you will have the best water both for cooking and drinking. And if you move to another place, you simply take it with you.


There are systems now coming from Asia (mostly Japan and Korea) that allow you to produce your own hydrogen water at a relatively low price.

Hydrogen is potent anti-inflammatory gas which is attracted by the active oxygen of free radicals when dissolved in water, thus neutralizing the free radicals. It has no side effects and when it is too much, lungs and skin will dispose of it. It seems that all the “miracle” waters discovered throughout the world are rich in hydrogen. In fact, hydrogen is the smallest antioxidant and can cross the cell and get to its core, thus protecting the cell DNA from oxidation. Some studies report that hydrogen has the antioxidant potential of

  • 504 bananas
  • 25 carrots
  • 30 spinach bunches
  • 344 apples

In this case, there are no side effects and no limitations in the use as long as you use a properly purified water to produce your hydrogen water. I have my own hydrogen bottle and I love it because I can carry it with me and make my own hydrogenated water on the spot!


So, in conclusion, which one should you pick? It depends on where you live and what types of water you have available in your area.

I recommend to pick a purified water and avoid plastic bottle. By doing so, you will help your health and the environment.

I also recommend a smoothie everyday, because, as I wrote at the beginning, the very best water is the one coming from Mother Nature produce.

I could have shared many more details but I did not want to make this excessively long. Still, should you have any doubts or feel the need for additional information, send me a message and I will be happy to share more.

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