Can soda affect your fertility?

A new study published in the Journal Epidemiology found that drinking one or more sugary drinks each day may reduce fertility for both women and men. This study concludes that “sugar-sweetened drinks, particularly soda and energy drinks, were associated with lower fecundability, but diet soda and fruit juice had little association”.

Still, another study by the Federal University of Sao Paulo found that artificial sweeteners (those you find in diet soda) were linked to lower rates of implantation in IVF patients. They found women drinking diet soda regularly had 25% of less chances to conceive whereas for men it was 33%.

In general, soda is not good because of the amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners it is made of. On average , a twelve-ounce soda delivers 150-200 calories, thanks to the 9 to 11 teaspoons of rapidly digested sugar it contains. These empty calories make you blood sugar and insulin levels spike immediately; over the long term they can contribute to weight gain. As a consequence, you may have difficulties to get pregnant due to the blood sugar roller coaster and extra weight.

Did you know that when drinking a coke, you would immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness if it weren’t for the phosphoric acid that cuts the flavor?

Yep, if you try to ingest 10 teaspoons of sugar (the quantity in a coke), you will vomit right away. Doesn’t that say it all?

Let’s briefly look at what happens in your body when you drink a coke:

  • After 20 minutes your blood sugar will spike and cause an insulin burst. The liver will respond by turning any sugar into fat.
  • After 40 minutes you will have completely absorbed the caffeine. Pupils dilated, blood pressure raised, the liver will pump more sugar into your bloodstream.
  • Shortly thereafter your body will start to produce more dopamine and stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain (like heroin does, by the way!)
  • After 1 hour the phosphoric acid will bind calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine. There will also be an increased urinary excretion of calcium. Also, caffeine will make you have to urinate and evacuate the bond of calcium-magnesium-zinc as well as sodium, electrolyte and water. Basically you will be loosing minerals that were meant for your bones.
  • What follows is the obvious sugar crash that will make you irritable and sluggish.

In conclusion, drinking soda on a regular basis is not good for your health and fertility.

If you are trying to conceive I recommend you start switching to smoothies, they can offer you a variety of wonderful flavors, tons of nutrients and NATURAL sweetness. I am sure you will get healthily addicted!

If you need any help or have questions, here I am! 😉


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