Spinaches: iron and folates to boost fertility

I love spinach and luckily here we have a very generous soil for green leaves. So, I have spinaches mostly throughout the year (although in winter they are much greener and tasty!).

I mostly love spinaches raw, because that is how you get the most of the nutrients of this magic plant.

TIP: A way to increase the absorption of spinach nutrients is to squeeze some lemon juice when dressing your salad.

I do use spinaches for salads, raw sauce, smoothies, juices … you can always find some fresh organic spinaches in my fridge. I eat them ONLY ORGANIC and I recommend you do the same because Spinach is #2 in the list of EWG’s Dirty Dozen, meaning that, unless organic, it is loaded with pesticides.

Spinach showed to have a significant anti-inflammatory action especially in the digestive tract.

It contains important quantities of nonheme iron, magnesium, vitamin B2, B6, E and vitamin A, as well as folates, vitamin K, calcium and potassium. It also offers proteins (5.35 gr. for 100 gr. of spinaches).

Studies showed that nonheme iron (the one from fruits, vegetables, grains )improves the chances of getting pregnant. Human eggs (oocytes) sport receptors for transferrin, a protein that carries iron through the bloodstream. These receptors let oocytes grab iron from the bloodstream and store it for future use. This means that the egg and probably the embryo need iron for the DNA and protein synthesis that happens after fertilization.

Furthermore, spinaches contain a lot of folates (the natural version of the synthetic folic acid), essential for the egg fertilization and and embryo survival.

I personally did not take any mineral supplements during my last IVF procedure and pregnancy. I did though eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, among which spinaches or other green leafy vegetables on a daily basis.

I recommend you do the same to give the best natural nutrients to your body!

How do you like to eat spinaches?


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