How Fasting can heal your body and regenerate your immune system

Last week I literally melted in my bed. I felt so sick that I could not get out of it, so I spent 3 days knocked out and sleeping most of the time.

I got an infection in my upper urinary tract, something never happened before, and I know I did get it because my body was exhausted: a lot of stress, lack of proper sleep, very hot and humid weather all of a sudden, more “unhealthy” sweet treats than usual. My body had been sending me messages asking me to slow down, but since I did not pay attention, it knocked me out and forced me not to just slow down but really stop.

So, 3 days in bed and a total of 4 days without any solid food, just water. I had not planned this fast but it was the best way to deeply cleanse my body and restart with new cells. Now I feel great, my skin is glowing and very smooth, I don’t feel the need for moisturizers and my brain is brighter and more invigorated!

Fasting is a practice as old as history: Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, the ancient Greeks, they all promoted fasting as a depurative practice both for body and spirit.

When you abstain from food your digestive system gets to rest and your body uses any stored material (fat, tumors, dead cells) to produce energy.

In western culture, Arnold Ehret (1866 – 1922) proved the benefits of fasting at the beginning of the 20th century. He healed thousands of people with fasting and food. His book “Mucusless Diet Healing System” is very interesting and explains the principle of Natural Hygine and the benefits of fasting.

Herbert Shelton is also considered an expert on fasting and wrote several books about the subject, among which “Fasting can save your life”.

More recently, Dr. Segej Filonov wrote a very complete and extensive book about dry fasting (“Dry Medical Fasting – Myths and Reality”) and its benefits for human health.

Furthermore, recent studies showed that fasting helps regenerate the entire immune system; “fasting flips a regenerative switch essentially regenerating the entire immune system. It gives the ok for stem cells to go begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system”, “when you starve, the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not needed, especially those that may be damaged”, says Prof. Longo from the University of California.

Let’s look briefly at the different types of fasting:

  • Water Fasting – you abstain from solid food and just drink water. It is necessary to rest, avoid stress, stop any physical activity. 1 to 3 days is recommend as maximum fasting time without professional support.
  • Dry Fasting – it showed to have 3 times the benefits of Water Fasting, as the system stops even processing the ingested water. In his book “Dry Medical Fasting – Myths and Reality” Dr. Filonov explains and gives evidence of the amazing results obtained. Still, it could be dangerous and it is better to look for proper support to do a dry fast.
  • Juice Fasting – you just drink juices which give you the energy to go ahead with your routine. It is highly beneficial and recommended for those who want to do a deep cleanse without having to stop their daily activities. Of course you should slow down as much as possible, reduce the physical activity and have your mind focused on the process. Fasting works at its best if accompanied by the right mindset.
  • Intermittent Fasting – you abstain from solid food for 24 hours, for example, once per week. Recommended for beginners.

Fasting is a very powerful practice and can be done in many ways; no matter which one you pick, you need to learn how to perform it properly to get the expected results. You cannot just decide now “tomorrow I will be fasting”! Depending on how long you plan to abstain from food, you need to prepare your body before doing it and follow certain rules when ending it. For example, if you want to be on a water fast for 3 days, you will need to prepare by eating certain foods 3 days earlier; then, for at least 3 days after the end of the fasting period you will need to reintroduce food slowly, starting with juicy fruits, then raw vegetables, then seeds and grains, etc.

Fasting is really rejuvenating; it gives clarity of mind, a better concentration; it calms your spirit and enhances your senses. You perceive yourself and life at a brighter level.

I cannot forget to mention that in case of fertility issues, fasting is highly recommended, because for the same reason it renews the immune system, so it does to the rest of the cells. It is one of the most important things me and my husband did before getting pregnant. We both did a 3-day fast a couple of times over a period of 6 months. The result was the best quality embryos despite our age and condition.

It is an amazing experience, believe me! It is not easy to explain if you have never tried it. My forced fast ended 4 days ago and I now feel amazingly energetic and positive thinking. I lost 4 kg/8.8 pounds of toxins, my skin is glowing and so smooth despite the non-use of moisturizers; I started to exercise and my muscles are responding better than ever. Usually, if I do not exercise for 1 week straight, then the next time my body is a little sore. I did exercise yesterday and went skating today (with very high temperatures) and my muscles are perfect! It is really amazing!

Last time I had fasted was 8 years ago and I have to admit I had forgotten how exhilarating it is! It is like being high!!

For sure I am going to repeat the experience pretty soon, this time possibly without any other ailments!

Let me know if you want to learn more about this. What about a Group Fasting Program? Would you go for it?




  1. Great job losing weight, IF is a great way to improve life in general! I just recently started a blog about Intermittent Fasting, it would mean a lot if you can check out some of my posts and give me feedback/tips on improving my blog, additionally if you share/follow me I will do the same, lets help each other grow!!!


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