Refined Sugar, a toxin to keep under control

During the next weeks I am going to talk a lot about the toxins we feed our body with and we will see how these affect our health and can be replaced.

Today our Star is Sugar, one of the most dangerous toxins we ingest on a daily basis in today’s society.

Let’s start with a brief description of the process needed to transform the vegetable sugar beet into refined sugar:

Sugar beet or sugar cane are used to obtain the raw sugar juice which then undergoes complex industrial processes to obtain white sugar. The first cleaning cycle consists of adding limewater, causing the loss and destruction of organic substances, proteins, enzymes and calcium salts. The product is then treated with carbon dioxide to remove the last traces of lime and processed with sulphuric acid to remove the dark color. Afterwards, it goes through cooking,  cooling, crystallization and centrifugation. We have now raw sugar. During the second cycle, the product is filtered, bleached with animal charcoal and then colored with the ultramarine blue color or indanthrone blue (coming from tar hence carcinogenic). The final product is a white crystal substance that has nothing to do with the rich sugar juice we had at the beginning. Refined sugar is a dead substance which is only giving us empty calories with no nutrients for our body.

When we eat sugar, our body needs to use vitamins and minerals to digest and expel it; for example, it takes calcium from our bones and teeth, causing a variety of bone diseases (osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.) and cavities. Our blood sugar levels spike and cause the over production of insulin to avoid the sugars in our blood become too dangerously toxic. The increase of insulin converts the sugars into glycogen, stored in the liver as extra energy, and promotes the production of saturated fats to be stored in the adipose tissue. Besides, insulin causes a rapid decrease of blood sugar triggering hunger and thus starting a vicious cicle.

In summary, refined sugar is responsible for:

  • Increasing blood acidity
  • subtracting salts from the body
  •  keeping  the liver busy with lots of toxins
  • causing sleepiness
  • causing a variety of diseases

Refined Sugar creates a real addiction and withdrawal symptoms similar to those caused by other drugs. In the brain, when we eat refined sugar, neuro-chemical changes occur which cause an increase of dopamine, responsible for the withdrawal symptoms we experience when we do not receive our daily dosis of sugar.

We could keep talking about this for hours, all this information is known and available to all of us, but we often tend to forget how the food we eat can deeply affect our life in a variety of areas. I used to be a sugar addict myself, ever since I have memory. I had to force myself not to buy sugar products, because they would not last even one day. I thought I needed sugar because I have always been exercising a lot, with exhausting training sections and competitions. The truth is I was an addict and my health was not the best, with irregular periods, tendency to depression and many health issues getting worse with time. One day, years ago, together with my husband I decided to do a detox by eating only raw and unprocessed food for one week. That detox became a lifestyle and all of my alignments disappeared together with the foggy mind (no more depressive moods for me!). I still love sweets, but now I select very carefully the quality and quantity, replacing the refined sugar with lots of fruit, chocolate, organic cookies, homemade cakes and pies. I discovered a variety of flavors and alternative ingredients I had no idea about and my health is undoubtedly better now than 20 years ago.

What role does sugar have in your life? Make a note for 2 days of your sugar intake; check the labels and write down all the products you eat containing refined sugar. You will be surprised!

My recommendation: no matter what you do or eat, always be aware of how it can affect you and choose quality over quantity. Your body and your life will appreciate!



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