Breath, food for body and mind

Breathing is food, undoubtedly vital, very often disregarded. Breathing is a great cure for a variety of alignments, this simple act can be so powerful and yet so ignored!

8 years ago I threw away all the medications from my cabinet and decided to go natural. I then started to learn to use breathing exercises to control pain. Much better than any drug, you just need to breath in and out, focus on this simple act and observe with kindness the thoughts going through your mind.
I used this technique to control my mood swings due to hormonal stimulation. The previous times I had felt horrible, but the last I felt simply great, centered and at peace with myself. Our spirituality needs some attention, because we are spiritual creatures and breathing consciously connects to our true self.

So, whatever you do tomorrow, wherever you are, spend some time breathing consciously and see how it feels. You can do it at work, while driving, cooking, showering. The moment it becomes a conscious act its healing effects start to show.

If you need some tips on how to get the best out of your breathing exercises, here I am.

Enjoy taking care of your health! It is so worth it!


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