Slow carbs to boost your fertility and health

Over the years I have heard and read about all types of theories on carbs. Some demonize them as the cause of diabetes, cancer and other diseases; others idolize them as the perfect food.

The reality is that it is a matter of choosing the right carbs. As always, quality wins over quantity and if we pick the right carbs we will be helping restore and maintain our health and fertility.

The bad carbs (or easily digested carbs) are those which are turned into blood sugar very quickly. The pancreas responds by producing a lot of insulin which can drive down your blood sugar so fast that you will start to feel hungry again after a very short time. This blood sugar roller coaster can cause cells to become resistant to insulin, forcing the pancreas to constantly make extra insulin. As a result, over the long term, this can wear out the pancreas and lead to type 2 diabetes and weight gain. So, yes, some carbs are really bad and are actually the cause of many health disease. These carbs are the refined grains, sugar products, soft drinks.

As for fertility, the amount of insulin in circulation affects the amount of sex hormone binding globulin (the more insulin the less globulin); this globulin has a predilection for testosterone over estrogen, meaning that the more sex hormone binding globulin is in the bloodstream, the less testosterone will be circulating. Since too much active testosterone can hinder or halt ovulation, you want to keep the sex hormone binding globulin in good amount in your bloodstream, hence keep your blood sugar spikes under control by reducing as much as possible the intake of easily digested carbs.

The good carbs (or slow carbs) are in whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans. These are excellent resources of carbohydrates and create slower and steadier changes in blood sugar and insulin. Also, by eating whole carbs you will nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients which are missing in refined carbs.

As for fertility, studies showed that a diet based on slow carbs is leading to greater success getting pregnant. I myself was on a raw-vegan diet before and during my pregnancy: I was eating tons of whole fruits, whole grains and vegetables and I felt wonderful from the first day to the last: being regular, no swollen feet or legs, no back pain or such, exercising every day until the moment I gave birth, no risk of gestational diabetes and perfect blood test, despite not taking any supplements!

So, yes, I can confirm and prove that a diet based on slow carbs is ideal to boost your fertility and general health.


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