Hug me, please

They say that hugging 20 seconds a day is the best prevention and cure for everything. Studies showed that people who live together and hug often have a lower blood pressure and reduced level of stress.

It is not hard to believe if we consider that life begins with the “hug” of the embryo to the womb, without that contact, without that first “hug” we would not exist.

We know that for newborns the contact with the mother is vital; children reach out for a hug when they feel unwell or need consolation.

What about adults? What do we do? We often forget how good it is to hug our partner , listen to their heartbeat dancing with ours, feel their body heat, the warmth of their breath. Can we find 20 seconds a day to reconnect with ourselves and our partner?

What if, next time I am arguing with my partner, instead of screaming poison to them, I just say “Hug me, please“?

If we hugged more often, I am sure we would feel less stressed, less lonely and much happier.

Shall we start today?


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