Reality begins with our dreams

Once upon a time human beings walked on earth with the Gods. Today they are lonelier than ever, so far from themselves, from their dignity, from their infinite inside universe.

They walk like beggars, begging for affection, respect and attention, ignoring that ‘inside’ there is much more than what they are searching. We should return to the individuals their capacity to be healthy, dream, imagine and create the reality around them starting from the infinite qualities living in them …

I read this quote and saw it as the true description of our modern society, where we are lost souls, no longer able to connect with our inner selves, no longer able to be true to ourselves.

How do we restore our capacity to do all these thingsBe healthy, dream, imagine and create the reality we want?

First of all we have to restore the connection with ourselves by implementing little changes in our lifestyle. We need to become aware of our truths and lies, of our strengths and weaknesses; we need to learn to accept who we are and forgive.

If you have fertility issues, whatever the diagnosis is, it is likely something in your lifestyle is altering your balance. Usually this comes with a variety of factors (stress, emotional condition, mindset).

It happens more with women, such complicated creatures, hence easier targets for unbalance. Women tend to be really mental and emotional, sticking feelings everywhere, thus unconsciously boosting self-punishment mechanisms.

I need to use a fragment of my story as an example. Due to some circumstances of my upbringing, I had built in my mind this idea that I did not deserve to be a mother, I was not good enough for that; I was kind of refusing my womanhood and in fact, ever since I was a teenager I had problems with my period followed by a severe infection that cause my infertility in my late 20s. I used to have infections (candida, cistitis), was positive to papilloma virus which had caused a cervical cancer (detected and removed at a very early stage), had to deal with 3 miscarriages. Any health problem I had for most of my life had always been related to my reproductive system.

Was it a coincidence? I don’t think so. It was my mind, my sub-conscious drawing the reality I had created inside of me. As soon as I realized this and started to change my mindset, all these issues disappeared. It took me only 6 months of work on my diet, lifestyle and mindset and I was reborn to a new happy and confident woman.

Right after those months I was feeling so great that I decided to give it one last try and see if we could eventually be parents. Today our daughter is 6 years old and the love of our life.

I have no doubt that, whatever your story is, by changing few things in your lifestyle and working on your mindset you will have a chance to start the wonderful journey of parenthood.

If you struggle with the choice of actions to take and feel you cannot do it on your own, I am here to support you.

It is easier than we think, it always is! 😉


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